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'The Lighthouse' Is Relentlessly Horny for Mermaid Vaginas - VICE sex mermades

There I was this morning, drinking my coffee and innocently reading the news, when I came across a Daily Beast headline featuring the words.

Like many people, been curious about mermaid intercourse since watching Disney's The Little Mermaid. Now that I'm writing my first mermaid romance, I had to.

How exactly do mermaids have sex? What are the logistics of it? Given our human understanding of sex, it seems that if one's legs do not part in the middle then.

The mythology of mermaid sex is as mysterious as the majestic sea-creature itself . How does one have sex with these alluring beings of the sea.

Robert Eggers, director of the upcoming Robert Pattinson sailor movie The Lighthouse has a scream-inducing description for mermaid sex.