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Pierre Hermé Paris - FETISH coffee pierre herme fetish

After going crazy during Pierre Hermé's Fetish Ispahan, I calmed down a bit in my PH consumption for a few months. What lured me back.

And yes, 21 interpretations of Ispahan including tart, choux, mille feuille, croissant , macaron, sablé, tea, jam, nougat, caramel, etc., and even a.

Pierre Herme Fetish Azur. Naturalement, 1st thing off the Metro today, coming from the Eurostar, I went into Lenotre for their tarte citron.

Pierre Hermé's attention to detail and his relentless curiosity drive him to continuously further his knowledge of flavours and the products that.

Pierre Hermé's creativity never fails to amaze me, but his innovation goes far beyond presenting unexpected new flavour combinations.