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Whether you wear minimal make-up or go bold with bright red lipstick, there are rules to be followed (and broken) when it comes to make-up for redheads.

Dive into our mass of tips and advice for gingers when it comes to make-up products. Beauty: Copper, Bronze and Gold Metallic Make-Up For Redheads.

So we have spoken to the best in the business to find out great makeup ideas for the lovely ginger lot, be your hair bright copper all the way to dark auburn. Opt for a lighter shade of bronzer, that's more light brown in colour than orangey. Denise warns against using bright blues.

But where's best to start? We asked top makeup artists Arabella Preston and Victoria Bond (herself also a redhead) for their top makeup tips.

With the possibility of a redhead emoji becoming a reality, shop the edit of our favourite makeup for redheads.