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Vaginal dilators are used to restore vaginal capacity, to expand the vagina in width and depth, to provide elasticity to the tissues, and to allow for comfortable.

The cervix is at the very top of the vagina, several inches inside a woman, and Similar charts showing dilation sizes exist on the internet, though this one .. exposed momager's shock secret scheming in new KUWTK trailer.

How do I use my vaginal dilators? You will be supported by your hospital team throughout the process of vaginal dilation. If you have any concerns, do not.

With the aid of a cervix dilation chart, we take a look at what these cervix the baby down and eventually out of the pelvis, and into the vagina.

So that's the TL;DR version of vaginal childbirth. In the pic, they used something called a dilation board that shows the size each centimeter.