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Users receive e-mails in Chinese characters when the original When you reply to a message, the From, Sent, To, CC and Subject fields of the.

of chinese characters in email messages when replying or forwarding. there is a Preferred encoding for outgoing messages drop-down list. . I cannot share emails here due to security and here`s what is happening.

You create an email message with Simplified Chinese characters in the BCC field, Click the Mail Format tab. In the Encoding Options section, select Unicode (UTF-8) in the Preferred encoding for outgoing message list.

The problem happens with mails sent with Outlook for iOS and read with the native I have heard that it displays ok if you use webmail instead of the mail. app. I see Japanese, simplified Chinese and Korean without problems. His problem is that he gets Chinese when he is supposed to get German or.

Solved: Hi! I am trying to create an issue with chinese characters via a mail handler. When I send the email via gmail, all characters render.