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Although some people do use adult pacifiers for these more For most people, sucking remains a self-soothing behavior well into adulthood.

The pacifier was a staple of rave fashion back in the '90s, when people did a whole lot of drugs at once and tended to grind their teeth down to.

Yes, I love sucking on my pacifier, I'm a adult baby. I love everything babies love. Why do some people want to be an adult baby? 2,710 Views. Other Answers.

The dummy has shocked you, to find out, how nice and relaxing it is to suck on it. Many people would get the same expierience would they try.

A pacifier (American English) or dummy also known as a binky, soother ( Canadian English), Babies will take their suck out on the pacifier instead of nursing or comfort nursing at They also aid with people who have seizures in their sleep, PTSD, manic episodes and extreme cases of anxiety related excessive chewing.