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In order to identify an individual thinking and learning style, Gregorc created the Gregorc Style Delineator (GSD). This test instrument is a tool used to identify.

Gregorc Mind Styles Model - how perceive, order information, Concrete Sequential (CS), Concrete Random (CR), Abstract Random (AR), Abstract Sequential.

This is Dr. Gregorc's updated, powerful and widely used research-based, self-assessment instrument for adults. It is designed for identifying and quantifying the CS/AS/AR/CR mind qualities and their respective style characteristics. Based upon a psychologically-formulated matrix of.

He is internationally recognized for his work in learning styles which began in Gregorc's Mind Styles model provides an organized way to consider how the.

Anthony F. Gregorc is best known for his theory of a Mind Styles Model and its associated Style . Gregorc Style Delineator - A psychometric test; An Adult's Guide to Style, Gabriel Systems, Maynard (1982). Mind Styles FAQs Book; The Mind.