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12 month diaper training program – Back In Diapers 24/7 adult diaper dependent

The easy availability of adult diapers today have given many people independence, freedom of movement and less of those “oops” moments.

A walk through of the 12 month diaper training program. unpotty training, and eventually according to he's testimony become diaper dependent. . This will take time because it is almost a reflex for most potty trained adults.

You might not need to be "diaper dependent" to get the calming effect you can pee in it more than regular adult diapers that you find in stores.

I feel embarrassed wearing adult diapers. .. Glasses - and adult diapers - are merely another reminder that we are dependent on the world.

Those accidents have caused me enough anxiety to resort to wearing adult diapers in public. I've had at least two embarrassing and noticeable.